Our Client Communication System

Clear and open communication is at the core of everything we do. We believe good communication is key to a successful and positive design and build process. That’s why we use Co-Construct, a communication and decision-making system that helps us stay in touch with you about important decisions and information relating to your new home throughout the entire design and build process.

We know that communication can be a concern for anyone starting a new building project. But with Co-Construct, you don’t have to worry. The program is designed to be easy to use, with features like the Selection Sheet, Notifications about upcoming decisions, and the Comments system, you can keep track of all your choices and the progress of your design and build; asking questions anytime, anywhere.

When you first log into Co-construct, there is a short (6 minute) training video that shows you how to use all the features in the Co-construct system. We encourage you to take the time to watch this and familiarise yourself with the program.

Client’s main menu in Co-Construct

With the Selection Sheet, you can easily navigate all the choices you need to make for your build, from paint colours to tiles in the bathroom. You can input your selections directly into the system, and easily find all the important documents related to your design and build process. This means you don’t need to search through emails to find where choices were made; or try to remember what was discussed in a phone call.

We keep track of your project progress through scheduling in Co-Construct, and you will receive notifications via email ahead of time about items that you need to make decisions on and you will also see items requiring attention on your home screen when you log into Co-Construct.

Co-Construct item selection sheet.
Selection items in Co-Construct.

The Comments system is also a great way to keep in touch with us during the build. If you have a question or concern, you can simply leave a comment on the relevant item, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. And because all communication is tied back to the item in question, there’s no need to dig through old emails or worry about missing important information.

We will still communicate with you over the phone and in-person, as we think sometimes it’s easier and clearer to have a quick call or meeting, rather than send lots of back and forward comments. After calls or meetings, we encourage you to enter any key information or follow up actions to the relevant sections in Co-Construct so we can all refer back to any decisions made over the phone or in meetings.

How comments in Co-Construct work.

We understand that starting a building project can be overwhelming, but with Co-construct, we can simplify the process and improve communication between ourselves and you. We’re excited to get started with you and show you just how easy it can be!