Rammed Earth

Rammed Earth Walls

Rammed earth has excellent thermal properties. When combined with solar passive design, it will enable your home to remain a comfortable temperature all year round. This will reduce ongoing energy costs, making your home more sustainable.

We specialise in rammed earth construction, a highly sustainable wall medium. We began building with rammed earth in 1992 through our sister company Rammed Earth Enterprises.

Since then, we have improved and refined our construction process to produce high quality walls.

Embodied Energy

The construction process for rammed earth also requires lower embodied energy than other mediums, like fired brick.

Rammed earth is also an incredibly durable medium, requiring little to no maintenance. This makes it a perfect investment for your sustainable home.

As Rammed Earth Enterprises, we build stabilised rammed earth walls across the state of Victoria, offering rammed earth construction services for domestic, commercial and landscaping purposes.

Contact us to discuss your project today. We can help you decide on the best placement for rammed earth walls in your project.

By taking into consideration your site, the purpose of the walls and the design, we will ensure you are getting maximum thermal gain and benefit from your walls.

To learn more about the construction process for our rammed earth walls, please visit our Blog.