Our Values

Our Values


“To design homes of timeless beauty and to build unique and sustainable homes that are a pleasure to live in.”
“To maintain our commitment to sustainability, integrity, performance, quality, value and client satisfaction.”


Our vision at Eco Sustainable Homes is to be recognised as:

  • Leaders in the design and construction of passive solar homes. Award winning builders, designing and building quality homes that are tailored to our client’s property, needs and budget and based firmly in environmental best practices.
  • Designers and builders, who work with the environment rather than against it.
  • More than just builders. We’re a dedicated team constantly researching ways to enable our clients to make their dreams of an Eco Sustainable Home become a reality.
  • A company of choice, whose clients recommend our services as their building experience has been positive and their home is exactly what they wanted.


  • We believe in looking after world’s resources and using them wisely.
  • We believe sustainability is an ongoing process and constantly seek to improve our sustainability by reducing our environmental impact and minimising waste wherever possible.
  • We believe genuine empathy and understanding is vital for good communication and a successful relationship with our clients.
  • We value and strive for quality in every way – in service, products, work, results and communication.
  • We have high expectations of ourselves and others and value and employ ethical and honest practices.