Nestled into the Landscape
Trentham tree change house surrounded by snow

Trentham Tree Change

After purchasing a 17 acre property in Trentham, Rick and Pauline were determined to build something special.

This was to be their ‘Tree Change’ home. Paramount focus was placed on sustainability; they chose Rammed Earth as a building material, taken by its unique appearance and thermal properties.

Trentham is a particularly cold part of Victoria, therefore Rick and Pauline were passionate about a home which heated in winter and cooled in summer with minimal environmental impact.

Utilising both the thermal properties which Rammed Earth possesses and solar passive design, we achieved this.

Rick and Pauline also wanted a house that nestled into the landscape. By incorporating earth into their home, paired with split-level design features allowing the building to flow naturally with the property; we were able to transform their vision into a reality.


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Rammed Earth feature walls

Key Features
North facing
Rammed Earth feature walls
Open plan living