Bushfire Resistant Family Home
North view of bushfire resistant family home in Bullengarook

Bushfire Resistant Family Home

Kale and Chek wanted their new home to blend with the environment. Their vision was for a strong and unique structure, suited to minimalistic design.

Of key importance was that their new home be bushfire resistant. Located in the Macedon Ranges Shire, dense bushland surrounded their site. Because of this, their property was given a Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) 29.

Situated in a very cold part of Central Victoria, it was also important to Kale and Chek that their home maintain a comfortable temperature for their family all year round, especially in winter.

We worked with Kale and Chek to create a custom design that met their specifications.

We included Rammed Earth as a wall medium for its unique appearance, thermal properties and bushfire resistance.

The unique appearance of Rammed Earth lends itself to a minimalist look.

The high thermal properties of Rammed Earth help regulate temperature. Keeping the home cool in summer and warm in winter.

With a four-hour fire rating, Rammed Earth is also an excellent medium for bushfire prone areas.

Their home features expansive BAL29 double-glazed windows. These also capture the beauty of the surrounding environment.

Kale and Chek loved the look of parapet walls and were keen to have them incorporated. So when designing their home, we included curved parapet heat-shield walls.

These walls on the east and west of their home serve many purposes, providing the unique visual appearance they were after while adding to the home’s bushfire resistance. The curved parapets are also a key aspect of the solar passive sustainable design.

Their home has a curved roof with self-curving iron. The .6mm thick roofing iron adds to the safety of their home in the event of a bushfire.

The kitchen from their old house was re-used in the new home. It now provides a unique focal point for their open plan kitchen/living/dining area. It adds character, contrasting their minimalistic style.


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